Hui No 'eau 2012 Maui Mural Residency

I created this site as a companion piece to the Hui No 'eau's 2012 Mural residency. The site chronicles the classes, mural, and community processes of my residency, as well as the residency of another muralist earlier that summer. 

Visitors can also interact with the site through Instagram using the hashtag #mauieveryday, as well as leave their feedback.  

  The Hui No’eau Maui Mural Project aims to create public art collaborations that catalyze a dialogue about how our Maui communities identify and imagine themselves, and to build relationships (and good times!) along the way. It is a project of Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center that is designed to advance its mission of unlocking creativity through exceptional visual arts education. Since 1934, Hui No’eau has invited the community to experience and celebrate the visual arts through classes, artist lectures, exhibitions, events, tours, and educational outreach programs like this one. Learn more at