Going Live! / by EricOkdeh

Finally! After nine months of planning, design, revisiting old projects, and compiling massive amounts of images and video, my website is here. For those of you who have been my testing guinea pigs throughout this process, if anything on the site seems out of sort, empty your cache.

To all of you visiting the site for the first time, each of the six catergories that appear to the left chronicle my work in various formats for the past 10 years. I will be updating these categories often, as I am always in the thick of multiple mural projects and related work. Currently I am working on 5 seperate projects at once, and by the end of November I will have 3 more major murals under my belt. Check back often! This section of the site will serve as a blog of sorts, it will also be periodically updated with info for various shows, happenings, and events.

Special Thanks go out to Candice Lucente who helped steer me in the right direction with regards to web-hosting. 
Extra Special Thanks to Jimmi Heiserman, the man behind the flash. Jimmi took my design and all of my ideas, and made the whole thing possible. More importantly, he made it a cinch to update. I couldnt be happier with the site; its better than i ever imagined. I hired Jimmi just in time, as he will soon no doubt be a billionaire, and have no desire to associate with "little people" such as myself. 
Jimmi is already a legend in the internet world for creating the ultimate addictive online flash game: Quadradius. 
 Click the logo to play, and watch how easily the hours pass, as you try to outsmart and crush opponents from every corner of the globe. Think checkers with superpowers, Battle Checkers if you will. Become a member today, you won't regret it. 

Here are some screenshots of the Quadradius Arena...