Long Time no Blog… / by EricOkdeh

Its been a very long time since I last posted anything concerning the work I've been doing. There are a few good reasons for it. The biggest being.... the work I've been doing. Lately I'm busy pretty much night and day working on two separate projects, and I've finished a year and a half long project this past June.

I have tons of pictures, designs, and news to share, and I can best break it all down in 7 posts. What I would like to do is post one a day for the next week, then maybe I can finally get to updating the content main page, which hasn't seen an update in exactly two years (oof!), and possibly the website itself.

Every once in awhile I'll check out the tracker on this blog, and I've noticed a few loyal followers who check for updates a few times a week. Sorry I've been such a dud lately. Hopefully this week makes up for it.