The Anthropologie Mural Installations / by EricOkdeh

I'm a bit late in posting this, but I wanted to get some photos up of the installations of our Anthropologie Mural, which hung in two separate spaces during the past few months. Initially it was installed and dedicated in the gallery space at the Anthropologie Store in Rockefeller Center, NYC. This was the location the mural was designed to fit in.

The opening was held on May 6th, and the mural remained up until June 20th. Kien and I along with Jane and the Corps staff brought the students of both classes to NYC. We somehow got everyone to actually board buses at Love Park at 6am! I still cant believe it all went off without a hitch. Once we arrived the Anthropologie staff was on hand with coffee, juice, and breakfast for the event. Everyone was thrilled with how things turned out, all in all it was a great day.

Click the thumbnails to view the slideshow of images of the mural and the dedication.

At the end of the exhibit, the mural was taken down and shipped to the Urban Outfitters Headquarters at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia. There is a large cafeteria space in one of the buildings, within that space a wall was specially built for exhibitions. Kien and I were onhand to install the project again. Its actually still up in the space and the building is open to the public.

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There may or may not be a closing reception, I am still waiting to hear. It will be difficult to organize both groups for a trip at this point as the school year is ended and everyone has gone in separate directions. Two of my graduating students are now interns with Mural Arts, and some others have stayed to be involved in the Mural Corps Summer Program.

I've recently been hired to maintain the blogs of all 8 Mural Corps sites this summer. I will be traveling to all eight sights once a week gathering information, photos and video for the website...

This is my first official contracted web job! There will be updates every single week starting Monday.

I'm glad to still be involved with the students in some capacity this summer. I officially left Mural Corps after 6 years of teaching this June to focus more on my murals. Shari Hersh (the head of Mural Corps)Louise, Noni, and Shelby (the Corps Staff) contacted old students of mine from the past 6 years and threw me an awesome barbecue. Ill really miss the classroom and the students, but I feel the timing was right. I had 4 seniors this year, all of them on to bigger and better things in the fall, and I couldn't have ended with a better project. The Anthropologie Mural (officially titled "Styles May Vary") was an unbelievably high note to go out on.