Our Citywide Mural Paintdays and Progress / by EricOkdeh

We are officially halfway through our paintdays for the Citywide Mural!
Things have been extremely busy throughout the past month and a half (thats why I havent been able to update much), for now I'll focus on Citywide....

The Paint days kicked off with Wall Ball 2009. We brought a single 5'x15' panel for people to paint during the cocktail hour. We even got to meet Jane Seymour at the event, but she didn't get to paint anything

I was cut out of the photo, most likely because I had a beer in my hand... and I was sweating profusely (not because of nervousness, but because the lights we were under were like heatlamps)

Since then we've had 4 total paint days that saw a total of over 300 volunteers working on the first two sections of the mural; dubbed the "industry" and "History" sections.
During our last paint day on July 1st, hundreds of volunteers came out to participate, thankfully we had more than enough work to go around. The Mayor even stopped by to paint.

Peter Crimmons of WHYY and a Cameraman from Univision were on hand to record and interview my teammates and myself along with the volunteers. I will post links when they become available.

We've been covered again in the Inquirer, that story can be found here.

...Finally here are some photos of the paint days, and below the thumbnails some video of the sheer madness of the Sunoco Welcome America turnout...

Click any Thumbnail to begin the slideshow

also... here is the info for the remaining paint days... come out and be a part of it!!

"This We Believe" Paint Days

North Philadelphia
Saturday, July 11 · 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
The ARC/PDDC, 2350 West Westmoreland Street

South Philadelphia
Saturday, July 18 · 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Columbus Square, 12th and Wharton

Southwest Philadelphia
Saturday, July 25 · 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Myers Recreation Center, 5800 Chester Avenue