The New Mural Book! / by EricOkdeh

Finally after a year of waiting, the new Mural Arts book, titled More Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell is out in bookstores everywhere.

 This is the second Philly Murals Coffee-table book. Tthis time around I am one of the 10 featured artists profiled. I remember speaking at length with the writer Robin Rice about all the different facets of my job. I was interviewed for 4 hours to be exact, and then another hour or so over the phone at a hotel in San Francisco. Ive been really anxious the past few months, because I hadnt really heard much about the book, and i started to wonder whether or not I made it in. 

Im really proud of this book. From what ive read so far, it focuses primarily on all the art ed work that we do, with city youth and in the prisons. I feel that this one in particular gets to the heart of what we do. SO much of what we do now, involves city kids or adjudicated youth. Plus, this time around, the artists featured in it are friends, students,  and colleagues that I've worked closely with for years. 

Anyhow, here are two Scans from the my Artists Profile, I come up in other areas of the book, but this is the bulk of my contribution.