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Voting for the Citywide Mural Competition has officially begun! Anyone can vote online for our design on all of the following three sites.

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If we win, the final Mural which stands at a whopping 30ft x 105ft will be hung at 30st Station for a month, and then broken up in seven pieces and hung at the Gallery at Market East for another month. In the end the mural will be further divided and installed in locations around the city accompanied by a plaque showing the full design and credits.

Mock-up of the 30th St. Station Installation

Team Statement:
Philadelphia is a city where past and present co-exist.
Our mural design evokes an awareness of our city's history through archival photographs, poetry and personal stories from everyday people that live in the city.
Our goal was to portray nostalgia and memory along with the evolving nature of the people and neighborhoods.

The design shows visions of history, industry, identity, diversity, community, social activism, struggle, survival and progress that are relevant to the the Philadelphia experience.
Overall, we reflected the triumphs and hardships that make Philadelphians unique and resilient.

I must say that this is the most work I've ever put into one of my mural designs. Our team worked tirelessly on creating a mural layered with meaning, infused with individual stories, informed by the voices of the participants, and history. In the end our mural provides the viewer with a wealth of stories, and new discoveries in its imagery.

... now for some closeups. (Needs Flash to view... download it here

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Detail Slideshow

If you're left wondering what this competition is all about here is a blurb from the project managers at Mural Arts.

In celebration of twenty-five years of art education, mural-making and working in communities, the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program invites you to participate in our first city-wide mural project.

Centered around the theme "This We Believe," this initiative has provided an opportunity for people throughout the city to share what they believe about Philadelphia. Community forums held and facilitated in neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia, and attended by two teams of artists, gave voice to the audiences. The two teams of artists listened, researched and interpreted what they heard and distilled their responses in these two mural designs. It is now your chance to vote on your favorite design. The winning mural will become the canvas for a series of community paint days throughout June and July. The finished mural, painted on over 2500 sq. feet of cloth, will be temporarily installed in 30th Street Station and then at the Gallery at Market East.

The winning mural will be announced the week of May 18th.

Community Paint Days will be held throughout the city in June and July. All are welcome! Specific dates and locations will be announced along with the winning mural.

Please Vote Team One!