The Anthropologie Mural/Blog / by EricOkdeh

SO in the past few months, my Mural Corps class teamed up with another site run by my friend Kien Nguyen (who is also my Citywide Project Teammate) to create a mural for Anthropologie. The work will take up three walls of an exhibit space in their flagship store at Rockefeller Center, NYC! During January and February we met with people from their main office in the navy yard to discuss the design and throw around ideas.

The classes began taking photographs of themselves inspired by fashion photography, and combining the imagery with patterns that can be found in any Anthropologie store as well as in everyday life. The resulting design combines the Anthropologie aesthetic with a youth perspective.

The mural is currently being painted by both classes in the Thomas Eakins house, and will be temporarily on display at Anthropologie's flagship store in Rockefeller Center in NYC from May 6th to the end of June.

This is a huge opportunity for the class,as the mural will be seen by an incomprehensible amount of people in those two months!

The project will be getting some press, but im not sure if i can discuss details yet. I'll post more when I'm sure it wont mess up any kind of opportunity we might get.

In addition, to document this whole project (since its a rare opportunity) I've decided to start a blog with my class. This time around it will be run and updated by the students themselves. One student in particular took courses in film at NYU last summer, she will hopefully lend her talents and time shooting some footage and putting together clips for the site.

The Student Blog (check for weekly updates)

This is the design in its entirety, use the scroll bar below to view the design details.