Greenfield Restorative Justice Exhibition / by EricOkdeh

April 17th is the Opening Reception for the Greenfield Restorative Justice Exhibition. The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation funded two of my most recent projects, which took about 2 years
to complete, and yielded countless photographs (From Howard Zehr and Harvey Finkle) , poetry and stories, student paintings and murals, audio interviews, and video. All of which will be on display in one form or another. A book, written by Phoebe Zinman, detailing the output of both projects will also make its debut and should be for sale that evening.

Im working on a web based interactive component for the opening that will take the viewer through both murals, expanding on the symbolism and meaning behind the imagery.

Here is a flyer i just made, the date is set but the times may change a bit. The show is throughout the Thomas Eakins House, Mural Arts base of operations located at 17th and Mount Vernon Sts. (just 2 blocks above Spring Garden. )

Please come out!