FINISHED!!!! (for now) / by EricOkdeh

As of January 3rd I wrapped up the Mural. The final title is From Behind the Mask. It was a tough December but we all got through it, and just in time as the next two weeks saw temperatures plummet. Its insane to think that virtually none of this existed at the beginning of December. The faux brick finish and arches were in place. Thats it! We didnt even install the mosaic until the 5th or 6th.

Everything on the wall is finished except for the mask. We were able to complete the sculpture indoors, but the weather just wasnt on our side for an installation. I photoshopped the final mask photo on to the wall to give an idea of what it will look like after a spring installation. The mask will stand a foot and a half from the wall.

The Stained Glass arches at sundown. The mural looks great in the sunset's red-orange hue.

This video captures the installation from beginning to end.

"From Behind the Mask" Mural Installation

Many thanks to my team of assistants (Katharine Clark-Gray, Charlie Patterson, Mike Reali, Khalil Brown, Koran Morris, and Terell Mclamb) who worked through the weather and helped finish a very ambitious project within such a small amount of time.