Mask and Painting Workshops / by EricOkdeh

We had our final community workshop for the Bibleway mural on the14th. This time around, my assistants and I spent the week before constructing a mask that will stand a foot and a half from the wall and 7 feet in diameter. In addition to painting panels of the mural, people took part in decorating the mask with stained glass and beads .

Here are a few photos from the various workshops and paint days...

For the first day I had everyone start off by painting the most important image of the wall, the main figures face.

Katherine Clark Gray led a series of maskmaking workshops over the summer with bibleway youth. Inspired, I felt it would be appropriate to incorporate masks into the design and run with it as a theme, culminating in the class returning to work on one last HUGE mask. Here she is setting up guidelines before the workshop

Once everything is laid out glass and beads were cut and adhered to the mask.

While the mask is worked on, some people chose to stick with painting mural panels. Having the group on the mask provided this man some elbow room to add his finishing touches.

The almost finished mask. Due to weather, the mask will have to be installed during the springtime. The overall shape was broken into two pieces to make installation easier, and to get the piece in and out of the building.