The Last Responders take the Seville Mural Tour / by EricOkdeh

The Last Responders team took a brief rest from travelling across Europe as part of the Timbuktu Challenge to take in a tour of the Seville murals. Here is a shot my good friend Mike Reali took of my Mural with the team's ambulance. The Timbuktu Challenge is a 4100 mile trek from London through Europe and Northern Africa to Mali. At the end of the rally, the Ambulance as well as the other teams vehicles will be donated to local organizations. Mike and his teammates spent the better part of this last year raising funds for the Ambulance, and getting it shipped overseas. As of this writing, the team is in Morocco. You can follow their progress and learn more about the team HERE. They use a tracker on the site, keeping everyone up to speed.

Good luck guys!