We Got the Band Back Together, Maaaaaaan! / by EricOkdeh

This week I got to work with my two favorite partners in crime to install a piece of a mural we completed over 2 years ago. The Citywide Mural that Michelle Ortiz, Kien Nguyen and I designed, was temporarily displayed in its entirety (29'x105') in 3 different locations: 30th St Station, The Gallery @ Market East, and one night in Loews Hotel. After a period of time, it was always the intention to break the work up into 7 pieces and install them throughout the city. The first section is now up at Ana B. Pratt Elementary School on 22nd Street in North Philly. When all is said and done, these 7 sections will lie within a half hour tour route. Hopefully by this time next year, the entire project will be permanent.

Huge HUGE thanks go out to Deborah Zuchman who had the herculean task of finding a home for 7 giant vertical mural strips in a city with an abundance of horizontal walls.

Here is a shot of the complete design. (click to enlarge each section)