Hartranft Mural Corps Student Blog #5 / by EricOkdeh

This last Hartranft Student blog comes a bit late. There was a lot of video to work on this time around.

The mural is very close to being complete. Here are some images of the wall as it stands right now. We were finally able to reach the very top of the mural with our bucket lift, it was a tight fit, but Jenny, Beverly, and I were able to match the colors spot on. Before this as a class we were able to touch up just about everything, we even installed some glass.

Heres a slideshow of the Tree of Honor wall.

Here are the last two interviews the students conducted. Koran interviews Desiree Bender, my co-instructor, and Colin interviews Keir Johnston the lead assistant muralist for the project.

Hartranft Student Interview #7

On the last day, Desiree and I planned to turn the tables on the students and interview them about their experience this summer. We were all pretty wiped out, as the last day had us touching up and installing glass panels, but we managed to get it done. What you see here is our last few minutes of class. Its a mix of exhaustion, and relief. Ive assembled all 8 interviews into one movie that will be part of a DVD I'll give to my class.
Hartranft Student Interview #8

...as an extra bonus to the dvd, I put together this slideshow of some of the best photos of the summer, mixed with a time lapse progression of the wall being painted. I feel it captures the spirit of the class this summer.

and finally... This installment of

... shows the class trip everyone took to the
Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ