Ridge on the Rise, Further and Further up! / by EricOkdeh

A few years back when the Comcast Tower was being built in Center City, some of the construction workers started taking pictures from the top of the building. One of the shots, pointed towards North Philly, picked up my "Ridge on the Rise" Mural. My wall from the top of the tallest building in the city.

I would also like to note that this same group of construction workers also attached a tiny statue of William Penn to the top of the tower, thereby eliminating his Curse on the city, and allowing a Phillies Championship in 2008.

I figured that would be about the highest point this mural would ever be photographed. That is until my good friend and former partner in crime Jay Slowik took a helicopter ride over the city and sent me this...

It can't get much higher than this right? Next time I fly I'm gonna be on the lookout for Ridge Ave.