Hartranft Mural Corps Student Blog #3 / by EricOkdeh

This week We're going to start off the blog with 2 interviews we weren't able to film last week due to the heatwave.
Lindsey and Shelby Jackson, sisters in the Corps class, interview Dr Judith McMonagle (The school Principal) and yours truly.
The questions center around the impact of the mural on the neighborhood and school and my experiences as a teacher, collaborating on murals with students.

Hartranft Student Interview #2

Hartranft Student Interview #3

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During Week 4 we began painting the main "Honor Wall" mural. The logistics of which is tricky as we are only able to have 3 people on the lift at a time. One of those 3 people needed to be myself or my assistant teacher/muralist Desiree Bender. So we recruited our fastest painters and got to work.

Meanwhile the rest of the class soldiered on continuing to cut glass and arrange the mosaic, as well as begin the final touches on the seed wall.

Finally we return to the second installment of

Khalil's iPhone was down for a few days due to a screwy firmware update. He was back in business by the end of the week capturing everyone at work. Here are his best shots this week...

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This coming week should be a good one. Weather permitting, we will be trying to get most of the Honor wall blocked in. The glass work will be close to finished as well. All in all we are wrapping up this mural right on time. Next week on the blog there will be more video interviews as well as writing from each student about the project thus far.