Hartranft Mural Corps Student Blog #2 / by EricOkdeh

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Here we are in week 3.
The students spent most of this past week getting acquainted with the glass cutting tools and handling mosaic patterns.

Some elected to do some of the touch up painting on the ground level wall

The main mural wall was put on hold these past few weeks due to wires that needed to be wrapped. Our scissor lift comes within a foot of these wires and we had to wait on PECO. They finally arrived on Monday, and now we are able to proceed with the Tree of Honor wall!

My class kicked off a series of interviews this week. Time was spent writing a set of good open ended questions for each subject of the interview. Unfortunately the heatwave cut our week short and we were unable to film 2 more interviews we had planned. Here is the only one we were able to film this week... the remainder will appear in next weeks blog.

Hartranft Student Interview #1

and finally...

Khalil has always kept his day to day activities well documented through his iPhone. Since he has started on this mural he's taken dozens of photos of our work almost every day. We are all secretly jealous  of how hip and tech savvy he is. Here are some of his best photos...

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