Hartranft Mural Corps Student Blog #1 / by EricOkdeh

This summer, my Corps class will be painting and installing a mural at the corner of 6th and Cumberland Street in North Philadelphia. Hartranft Elementary School is home to a massive Public Art transformation this year. The entire city block is being beautified with mosiac, ceramic, glass and painting, as well as undergoing a massive "green" facelift. Trees plants and an orchard have been planted and cared for on site.  

My spring class designed one wall of this project, dubbed the "Tree of Honor", which gives recognition to long standing community leaders (or seeds as they appear in the design). 
The tree will be mostly painted, but the trunk and seeds will have a stained glass mosaic element. 

The Main artist on the project, Jennie Shanker, designed this interior wall we will also be painting. 

Jennie has a blog that documents this massive multimedia undertaking going on in North Philly. You can read more about her project here, shes done a great job of showing all of the work that has gone into her mural and the changes its bringing about

We will be posting pictures and video of our progress on the mural every week this summer. I will be turning over these blog entries to my students who will be in charge of documenting our work and what they have learned. 

This is Okdeh Corps Class: Summer 08

...and these are the photographs they have taken so far. 
Priming, Gridding and Drawing

Color Mixing

Glass Seed Cement-Board Shaping


In the next week we will be taking video and you'll get to hear about the project first hand from the students who assisting in its completion. 

Stay Tuned...